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Boost Your Law Firm's Digital Presence with Filius Blue

In 2024, making your mark in the legal world takes more than courtroom skills. You need a strong digital presence that speaks to potential clients. That’s where Filius Blue comes in. We specialize in digital marketing for law firms, focusing on family law and criminal defense. Here’s why Filius Blue is your perfect partner for legal marketing:


Industry Insights

According to the 2023 Websites & Marketing TechReport, law firms are turning to internal marketing staff and external consultants more than ever. However, 58% of firms still have attorneys involved in marketing activities.


Here’s a quick look at what law firms are outsourcing:

  • Website Design: 42% hire external consultants.

  • SEO: 28% outsource this crucial task.

  • Social Media: 27% seek external expertise.

  • Print Marketing & Online Leads: 9% each.

  • AdWords/PPC: 8%.

  • Directory Listings, Direct Mail, TV Ads, Online Promotions: 3% each.


Website Management

Responsibility for managing law firm websites is evolving:

  • Outside Consultants/Providers: 24%

  • One Lawyer in the Firm: 21%

  • Firm Marketing Staff: 20%


Content creation is also changing. While lawyers are still heavily involved, more firms are relying on external consultants, especially smaller practices. Common website content includes attorney profiles, firm successes, and legal articles.


Why Choose Filius Blue?

  • Legal Niche Expertise: We understand the unique challenges of the legal sector. Our tailored approach ensures your firm reaches the right audience effectively.

  • Comprehensive Digital Strategies: From web design and SEO to branding and graphic design, we enhance your firm’s online presence. Your website will look professional and convert visitors into clients.

  • Personalized Service: As the heart of Filius Blue, I ensure a personal touch in every project. We work closely with you to understand your goals and create strategies that fit your vision.

  • Targeted Campaigns: Our marketing strategies are precise. Whether it’s social media, engaging content, or email marketing, we make sure your message reaches the right people.


Our Services

  • Responsive Web Design: Visually appealing and functional across all devices.

  • SEO: Boost your search engine rankings and attract more organic traffic.

  • Branding: Create a strong, cohesive brand identity that sets your firm apart.

  • Graphic Design: Professional visuals that communicate your firm’s values and services.

  • Email Marketing: Stay connected with clients and prospects through targeted campaigns.


Let’s Connect

Ready to elevate your law firm's marketing? Reach out to explore how Filius Blue’s specialized services can benefit your practice. Discover why we’re the trusted marketing firm for personal injury, family law, and criminal defense attorneys in the area.


Elevate Your Legal Practice with Filius Blue

The legal market is more competitive than ever. Your firm needs a partner who understands legal marketing intricacies. Filius Blue is that partner. Let’s discuss how we can enhance your firm’s digital presence and drive growth. Contact us today to start the conversation.

Monthly SEO Packages for Law Firms

Good Old Fashioned

Good Old Fashioned SEO

Keyword Research, Market Analysis, Competitor SEO Analysis and Rank Tracking.

Multi-Media SEO Martini

Multi-Media SEO Martini

Good Old Fashioned SEO Package PLUS: 

Content Optimization, Listing Management, Google Review Management, Google Search Console Management, Google My Business Management and Google Rankings Heatmap.

SEO Sidecar

SEO Sidecar

Good Old Fashioned SEO Package & Multi-Media SEO Martini PLUS:

Link Building (Backlinks), Voice Search Optimization, On-page SEO, and Local SEO.

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