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Welcome to Filius Blue

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In 2024’s dynamic business environment, aligning with a premier digital marketing partner is more crucial than ever. Welcome to Filius Blue, Atlanta's exclusive digital marketing speakeasy, where we craft secret recipes for online success, designed to captivate and convert your target audience.

Precision-Driven Digital Marketing with a Twist

At Filius Blue, we re-invented the science of digital marketing with a splash of old school mixologist style. Here, we specialize in presenting your products or services to the right audiences at the right place and time. We add our touch of the following:


We offer a personalized approach to:

Responsive Web Design: Building attractive and user-friendly sites that interest and push visitors to act.

Online Advertising Campaigns: Implement highly targeted ad campaigns to generate the best ROI and boost brand visibility.

Business Branding: Create a convincing brand identity that truly communicates with your target audience.

Social Media Management: Create and maintain social media profiles to help you bring customers closer to you through engagement.

Graphic Design Services: We create visually appealing designs that communicate effectively with your target audience.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Implement SEO strategies that are designed to rank websites and bring organic traffic.


Customized Design and Marketing Solutions

We specialize in creating targeted marketing strategies that not only grab attention but also convert. Being an experienced web designer, I deliver a full package of design services to make sure every visual aspect of your brand is extraordinary.

Our superior graphic design services are designed to communicate your brand story and values effectively, while our email marketing services ensure your clients are kept in contact and engaged with the brand.​​


Exclusive IT and Development Services

At Filius Blue, we understand the importance of reliable IT and development services.

Located in Atlanta, we offer on-the-ground experience and customized solutions that satisfy your business requirements at simple prices. Our unique approach and commitment to perfection have made us the go-to marketing firm for businesses in North Georgia.


Join the Inner Circle

Here at Filius Blue, we truly believe in partnering with clients who share our vision and values. When you step into our world, you become part of an exclusive club where your business gets the attention and expertise it deserves.

Let's elevate your business in the digital space. Get in touch with us today to learn how Filius Blue can help you achieve your marketing goals and break free from the crowd of similarities.

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“Don’t say anything online that you wouldn’t want to be plastered on a billboard with your face on it.”

– Erin Bury

Uncommon Sense meets Digital Logic



Building and managing your social media presence to foster community and engagement.

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Graphic Design

Striking visual designs that communicate your brand's message  while promoting your business.


Web Design

Attractive and user-friendly websites that engage visitors, drive action, and serve as your online identity and digital storefront.

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Attract high-quality traffic to your website by improving your rankings on search engine results pages.

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Pay-per-click Ads

Targeted ad campaigns that increase your online visibility and maximize your return on investment.

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Email Marketing

Build strong relationships and attract new prospects with effective email marketing campaigns.

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